Whatsapp+ FAQs

  1. I get "App not installed. An existing package ..." error when updating.

    From v3.35 onwards, Whatsapp+ was signed with a different key. Thus, you have to uninstall the old version and then install the updated APK. If you get the SMS verification error, read (2).

  2. Verification issues?? Please follow these steps:

    YOU ARE ROOT (you need Titanium Backup ):

    1. Uninstall 'Clean Master' app if you use it
    2. Uninstall Whatsapp+
    3. Install original Whatsapp from Play Store
    4. Go through the setup into the main conversation screen and chat with some friends
    5. Open Titanium Backup and make back up of WhatsApp
    6. Unistall WhatsApp and install WhatsApp+, don't open it yet
    7. Open Titanium Backup and restore only data of WhatsApp
    8. Now open WhatsApp+, it should work


    1. Uninstall 'Clean Master' app if you use it
    2. Uninstall Whatsapp+.
    3. Install original Whatsapp from Play Store.
    4. Go through the setup into the main conversation screen and chat with some friends.
    5. Make a back up of your chats
    6. Uninstall original Whatsapp
    7. Get WhatsApp+: http://www.whatsapp-plus.net/download.php
    8. Install Whatsapp+ and verify you number (with stable network and internet connection). Now should work

  3. How do I use Whatsapp on my tablet? [Answers from one of the forum replies]

    Backup your Whatsapp+ using Titanium Backup or any app backup services. Then transfer the whole backup data to your tablet and restore them.

  4. Does Whatsapp+ gives me a lifetime license?

    No. Whatsapp+ is just original Whatsapp with themeable options and some tweaks to make Whatsapp more convenient and "attractive" to look at.

  5. Can Whatsapp+ increase the expiration date for free?

    No. Whatsapp+ is just original Whatsapp with themes options. You have to pay for it when your account expires.

  6. I want to switch rom but don't want to go through (2) again! HAAALP!!!

    Use TitaniumBackup to backup the whole of Whatsapp+ and restore APP+DATA on your new rom.

  7. How do I save or share themes?


    1. Go to PLUS > More (under Themes) > Save pref.
    2. Go into your SDcard, where the themes will be save in SDcard/Whatsapp/PLUS/saved_pref/


    1. Copy/Share/Upload your xml + wallaper into somewhere you can access.
    2. Share your themes here.
    3. Be sure to follow the format
      1. XML: "username+theme name" - Eg: rafalense_plus-dark.xml
        • Screenshots: (jpg or png )
        • Main/Chats: "username+theme name+_main"

          Eg: rafalense_plus-dark_main.jpg

          Chat: "Nombre de usuario+Nombre de tema+_chat"

          Eg: rafalense_plus-dark_chat.png

          Contacts: "username+theme name+_contactos"

          Eg: rafalense_plus-dark_contacts.jpg

      2. Wallpaper (JPG): "username+theme name+_wallpaper" - Eg: rafalense_plus-dark_wallpaper.jpg
      3. Please do not include full wallpaper, just the one saved with the xml file
      4. Everything together in a zip file and that's it

  8. How do I change header size?

    This option is removed as Whatsapp now uses the official ActionBar.

  9. How do I copy PART of the message or copy/forward the WHOLE message?

    Copy part of message : Long press the speech bubble. [native copy-paste method]
    Copy/Foward the WHOLE message : Long press BESIDE the speech bubble.

    To disable it, tick 1.2.2S

  10. How do I remove the ticks on the conversation bubble like the previous Holo Whatsapp+?

    Tick 1.2.6H in the PLUS settings.

  11. How do I update Whatsapp+?

    Go into Option > PLUS > Check for Update. Download and install if there's a new version available.

  12. When upgrading, do I lose all settings like colors etc?

    No. The settings will stay. However, just for precaution, backup your settings [Option > PLUS > More(under Themes) > Save Preferences] so that you can restore your settings if they are accidentally reset.

  13. I can't send photo! It says memory error or something!

    Your media settings are set too high/100%. Go to Option > PLUS > 5. Media Sharing > 5.3 Image Quality and lower it.

  14. Raf! Can you implement sending of apk, doc and other file types?

    We all know Rafalense had did a great job in allowing us to send mp3 and increasing the file size allowed to be sent. But my guess is that it will be hard for Raf to implement sending of other file types due to server-sided reasons. However, it's Raf, man! Who knows, only time will tell. Remember, Rafalense modded Whatsapp for theming purposes. Allowing us to send mp3s is already a bonus for us. Instead of asking him to implement stuff, why not we sit back and appreaciate what Raf had done for the community.

    Let's hope the official Whatsapp implements sending of different file types so that Rafalense will be able to mod it, such as sending bigger sized files.

  15. How I can share / pick music ? I Click Share > Music but WA+ says 'there is no associated activity to perform action'. I installed PowerAmp or other music player

    Install 'Android Music Player' from market. Not every music player can pick music.

  16. Everytime I open Whatsapp+, it checks for update automatically even if I'm on the latest version. Any way to stop it?

    Option > PLUS > 6. Other Mods > Uncheck 6.0 [Auto-Updates]

  17. I have suggestions for Whatsapp+. Like Chatheads etc. Should I leave a comment on the thread?

    If it's related to themes and [provided] someone else did not suggest this previously, yes. Reply once and that's it. Else, no. Rafalense will try and go through your suggestions and act accordingly.

  18. Can you please update Whatsapp+ more frequently?

    Rafalense is not your personal modder. He does this out of his own free time, out of his busy schedule. Give him time. I'm sure he'll release awesome updates. Be sure to to him so you can receive early release of Whatsapp+ before the others do.